How to extract the file data and send the data to the form ?

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How to extract the file data and send the data to the form ?

Postby vampo650 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:56 am

I am using Ubuntu operating system, How to extract the file data and send the file data to the form and fill the details automatically in python?.

Let take a simple example. In resume.doc, my name, the phone number and the educational details etc. These data I have to extract and send it to form and fill the details automatically.

Resume.doc abc 0000000 xxxxxxxxxx

userform.html (automatically fill the text fields by extratcing the data from Resume.doc)

name: abc Phonenumber: 0000000 Education details: xxxxxxxxxx

Your help is really appreciable..Thanks for advance!!
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Re: How to extract the file data and send the data to the fo

Postby tnknepp » Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:10 pm

Regarding reading data from a doc file, you have already received an answer from previous post.

Regarding pulling specific information from the doc file and putting into a database, there is SO much that can go into this you will likely need to offer someone money to do your job for you. IF, and I stress the IF, your doc files are consistently formatted then you could do a simple text search, but I doubt you are in such a fortunate case. This is likely a much bigger job than you expect, especially with all the little gotchas that will sneak in.

Formatting is very important in these types of projects. If you give us something more to go off someone may be able to help.
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