Python + Kivy: Useful in HTML5 vs mobile native / hybrid?

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Python + Kivy: Useful in HTML5 vs mobile native / hybrid?

Postby Pyderman » Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:55 pm


Being a relative newcomer to Python, I find myself often attempting to get a good grip on the future and breadth of usefulness of the language.

Of particular note, I've wondered about its usefulness in addressing the concerns around developing for mobile + web. An ongoing debate is of course the 'develop once' approach of HTML5 vs the develop-for-each-patform approach of native mobile i.e., using Java for Android, Objective C for IOS, etc… Or a hybrid of the two approaches.

It seems to me that Python + Kivy presents a very strong proposed solution to easing native, or hybrid development. Yet, to my surprise, Kivy hardly seems to be getting any attention. To be honest, I can't understand why its not a widely recognised first choice. (I should say, I haven't tried it, I've only read of its capabilities). Python is esteemed for its speed of development (esp compared to Java), integrates with Django, plus Kivy - meaning develop only once but with comparable native perfomance…

I must be missing something. Why isn't it making waves as a game-changing technology? Why are there zero job listings for Kivy savvy devs?
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