Python + Kivy: Useful in HTML5 vs mobile native / hybrid?

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Python + Kivy: Useful in HTML5 vs mobile native / hybrid?

Postby Pyderman » Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:55 pm


Being a relative newcomer to Python, I find myself often attempting to get a good grip on the future and breadth of usefulness of the language.

Of particular note, I've wondered about its usefulness in addressing the concerns around developing for mobile + web. An ongoing debate is of course the 'develop once' approach of HTML5 vs the develop-for-each-patform approach of native mobile i.e., using Java for Android, Objective C for IOS, etc… Or a hybrid of the two approaches.

It seems to me that Python + Kivy presents a very strong proposed solution to easing native, or hybrid development. Yet, to my surprise, Kivy hardly seems to be getting any attention. To be honest, I can't understand why its not a widely recognised first choice. (I should say, I haven't tried it, I've only read of its capabilities). Python is esteemed for its speed of development (esp compared to Java), integrates with Django, plus Kivy - meaning develop only once but with comparable native perfomance…

I must be missing something. Why isn't it making waves as a game-changing technology? Why are there zero job listings for Kivy savvy devs?
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Re: Python + Kivy: Useful in HTML5 vs mobile native / hybrid

Postby roberto.ur » Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:09 pm

An even more. Kivy has a lot of optimizations at C level, in order to execute the graphics in the GPU. ... -t-it-slow

I know I am not answering your questions, but I am empathize with your question.

I can just adventure as an answer that there is a market in which there are already three winners (including Android and Mac). HTML has the edge advantage of also running directly in browsers. Of course, it can be changed, but it will take a while.
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