Python Reverse Shell

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Python Reverse Shell

Postby Hades.y2k » Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:35 pm

Reverse shell written in Python. The server will be listening on victim machine for incoming connection.
For Windows machine, use _winrag module to edit Registry therefore you can add auto run key with fake procress name. For *nix machines, there is a directory called /etc/init.d which is similar to Windows Registry

Password authenticating to access server therefore server will accept the connection only if the password provided by attacker console is valid.

Features: Upload scripts for further attacks such as gaining Admin access or use as bot for DDOS. Download datas. use 'exit' to disconnect and you can reconnect easily. For commands in detials, type 'help' in console.

Usage for console: python ip port password.
Bind with legitimate program and send it to victim. You can actually just give and told to run it.


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