Using in wxPython

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Using in wxPython

Postby hrs » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:10 pm


What does draw to? Is it possible to let it draw on a wx.glcanvas? Or how can you integrate it?
What little examples there are ( doesn't work here (maybe because it uses shader and anti aliasing stuffs that arent supported by my driver yet) and it uses instead of

If I wanted to have something like this in a wxPython application, how can I achieve that?

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import math
import pyglet

window = pyglet.window.Window()

N_LINES = 200

def a_drawing():
   lines = []
   for phi in xrange(N_LINES):
   return lines

def on_draw():
    drawing = a_drawing()*N_LINES,, ('v2f', drawing))
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