Tkinter progress .update widget etc.

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Tkinter progress .update widget etc.

Postby Agent86 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:21 pm

Hi all

Here is my first app I wrote

It works great but one thing I never really figured out is how the widget updates the download progress based on the reporthook function
forget the variables parts mostly and look at the progress part and report hooks thats the progress part.

I understand what I did and how I did it but I can't seem to duplicated the .update for lets say .grid
For example if I wanted to make a progress bar that simply updated the .grid that simply added " " blank spaces with a backround of blue or something like that

I never got it to work instead of the percentage that I have working now I was going to attempt a progress bar based on simply updating the widget to show a blue .grid getting updated to the Tkinter Widget instead
So the condition could be something like if a == 10% blah blah .configure, then .update
But instead of .pack I would .grid so that the blue bar would just expand for each condition or something

I never got it working that way nor could I ever .update the .grid for somereason
Any pointers on updating the .grid to do something like that
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