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Maya GUI help

Postby Googster » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:28 pm

I'm trying to make a GUI in maya and wanted to add a radioButtonGrp but the alignment is coming in to the right of the column so I used columnAttach to move the radio button to the left of the column but only the label moved not the the radio button and I wanted both to move. I used columnAttach2 but that didnt seem to work and was hoping someone might know how to bring the radio button to the left side of the column, Im pretty new with GUI Layouts so I appreciate any advice.

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   cmds.rowColumnLayout( "boxControllerButton_RCL", nc=1, cw=[(1, windowWidth + 100)], p="curveController_FL" )
   cmds.radioButtonGrp( 'curveController', label='Type of Controller: ', labelArray2=("Box", "Blank"), numberOfRadioButtons=1, select=1, columnAttach=[(1, "left", 5)] )

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