python help NOW!!

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python help NOW!!

Postby hatemjapo » Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:32 pm


i have to programm something and i need it done as soon as possible
it must not be completed, but i need to hand something in
i know how to programm, but not with python and i dont have that much time to learn it now

therefore i am looking for someone who has time now and can help me a little bit

what i need to programm:
i need a python file,, which should read a file, cut it into pieces and send it to an other python file (
the file should get the pieces and join them into one piece

part2: make a simple redundancy, which allows to send a part a few times
part3: make a simple XOR forward error connection with creating a file who stores how much files has been send it will be send to the The check of smt is missing and then call for the missing part

i have already started, i have part1 half and part2 finished, but my code looks not right and i need someone to check it and helps if something is wrong and to answer some question

how much i pay?
dont know, write me a pn and we will talk!
i need help as soon as possible
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