Project Euler Forum Rules

For questions about problems on the Project Euler web site. No spoilers. Please include the question number in the subject line of your post.

Project Euler Forum Rules

Postby KevinD » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:52 am

Welcome to the "Project Euler" forum. Please not the following "rules"

1. We are not affiliated with We are merely providing this forum as a place for our users to ask questions about problems on that site.

2. Since this is a Python forum, please do not post code snippets in other languages.

3. NO SPOILERS!! Please refrain from posting complete, or substantially complete, solutions to problems. Hints are fine. Answers are not. As a guideline, if you think your code is giving too much away, it probably is.

4. Please include the problem number in the subject line of your post.

5. Please search through the forum for other questions regarding a specific Project Euler problem before posting your question and starting a new topic.
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