Can I sell this program?

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Can I sell this program?

Postby GoshFather » Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:01 am

Im an indie game developer for windows that works with python and the blender game engine...but i do sometimes get distracted with pythons other hacking stuff lol. Its a good way to learn python and have fun in the process. Basically, I have a little program that I made that retrieves the Wi-Fi hotspots and their corresponding passwords from the computer that it runs on and then writes the data to a simple text file. And it DOES require administrative priviledges to run. So it DOES indeed ask for permission via the "run as admin" popup. My question is, considering that it does ask for administrative permission to run, would this still be considered spyware? Or to be illegal to sell as legit software?

Ive found programs like this on the internet and it seems they come from reputable and legal sources Ex: ... 38224.html
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