Printing Line(s) After Specific String From txt

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Printing Line(s) After Specific String From txt

Postby ohtbv » Wed May 01, 2013 7:14 pm


I have a Text File with a whole array of information. My idea is to find the line with the string I am looking for, and then print the line that comes after that.

For example:

Movement speed
$550.70 USD

I would search for "Total", and then print the line after "Total" which would be "$550.70 USD". This constantly repeats for the other units and I need to print them all so I assume it would be a "for loop"

So far I have thought of either:

Code: Select all
file = open(FileName.txt)
for line in file:
    if str == 'Total':
        print (line + 1)


Code: Select all
x = False
file = open("FileName.txt")
captureline = ""

for line in file
   if line = "Total"
        x = True
   if x = True
       captureline = line

Both are more guidelines of the structure since I am not too sure on how to actually get it to work.

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Re: Printing Line(s) After Specific String From txt

Postby Yoriz » Wed May 01, 2013 8:11 pm

Have a look at KevinD's post in the following link
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