Coefficient orders in UWT wavelet

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Coefficient orders in UWT wavelet

Postby lafayette » Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:56 am


I'm learning the wavelet matter with UWT and IUWT wavelet from mlpy package.

The order of coefficient levels in not clear.

In the mlpy documentations, they say that the output after transform is :

X : 2d numpy array (2J * len(x))
misaligned scaling and wavelet coefficients:
[[wavelet coefficients W_1]
[wavelet coefficients W_2]
[wavelet coefficients W_J]
[scaling coefficients V_1]
[scaling coefficients V_2]
[scaling coefficients V_J]]

Generally speaking, the order of coefficient levels is ;

cAn,cDn, cAn-1,cDn-1,cAn-2,cDn-2, cAn-3,cDn-3 for a decomposition at level=3

cA = Approximation coefficients
cD= Detail coefficients

Can somebody confirm that this is the order in UWT wavelet?

This question really stuck me on place. Help will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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