Problem with code testing using unittest library

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Problem with code testing using unittest library

Postby nick123 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:38 pm

Hi all,
For few days I'm trying to lern how to properly use unittest library in Python. I've got some basics but I've made myself a challenge - test two functions that I made before. These are the functions:

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 def PatternMatch(self, message, number):
        ret_status = 2 # 'No match'
        ret_pattern = -1

        for pattern in self.PatternList:
            if == 1 and pattern.LA == number:
                    RegExp = re.compile(pattern.regex)
                if RegExp.match(message):
                    ret_status = 1
                    ret_pattern = pattern.ID

        return ret_status, ret_pattern

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def GetPattern(self, patternID):
        pattern = None
        db = Database()
        query = 'CALL PATTERN_GET'
        query += '(@sql_err_code, @my_status, @my_msg, %s)'
        ret = db.query(query, [patternID])
        if len(ret['data']) == 2:
            pattern = Pattern(ret['data'][1])
            pattern = Pattern()

        result = {'status': ret['data'][0]}
        return pattern, result

How should i start? I have mocked the database connection using the mox library and it works but what about the functionality? I appreciate any help.
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