Clear screen in Python

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Re: Clear screen in Python

Postby Kebap » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:14 pm

I am not sure which tutorial you are using, but I find your opinions very strange. Quite the opposite, one of pythons main advantages is that you can accomplish productive prototypes very quickly and easily. Focused on the structure much? Maybe 50 years of programming bring you to a different point of view, but I can't see that. Which languages did you program in by the way? Where were there focuses based? Maybe you are talking about the whitespace issue? Other than that, I can't understand that sentiment. You can program procedurally, functional, object oriented, etc etc. I hope somebody can give a more helpful answer than myself, once they understand where you are coming from and what exactly you are asking for. Not to insult anyone, but that link in my signature really also has a long standing tradition and is said to be quite helpful and respectfully so. May be an interesting read.
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Re: Clear screen in Python

Postby metulburr » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:05 pm

That Python is more focused on the structure rather than on accomplishing something productive!

I find the opposite. I can program something in python in 2 hours what would take me 2 days in c/c++, with the speed being irrelevant. My first choice language is to use python, because of how quick it is to write something. I would indent c/c++ code anyways for readability the same way I indent in python, just without the brackets. As a result just from this there are a huge number of unnecessary lines removed in python. The indentation being mandatory for defining blocks of code. This can sometimes be a hassle, but more times than that it is a blessing. Which makes it worth it. This makes it more easier to read and causes less forgotten brackets (or semi-colon terminating the line) , or a jumble of multi-indent brackets causing confusion. There are a huge number of other things as well.

So all in all i find i can produce more programs out in python than any other language.

Probably a result of letting anyone contribute anything, and never being finished with the language!

Most language now evolve with the times. Even C++ has come up to the times with their modification of the language c++11 and soon to be c++14. Some of these modifications actually remind me of python. For example: The for_each loop that use to be available only in 3rd party libraries in c++, are now integrated into the standard library for c++11, but the whole thing just mimics python's for loop. I dont see a language as ever "done".
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