the future of pygame

the future of pygame

Postby metulburr » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:15 am

I really dont know anything about SDL, OpenGL, etc. If you sit in the IRC channel #pygame, from time to time, new people come in and ask questions reagrding what is the best library to use and whatnot for game programming. I have seen within the past month alone someone ask about what library to use in python for game programming, and seen all of them be turned away to either another language entirely or pyglet, etc, by users in the room. Now why would *numerous* people hang out in #pygame referring people away from pygame?

The reasons i have seen for excuses so far to not use pygame is:
pygame is a dead technology
sdl itself is mostly outmoded
use any engine that is sitting ontop of opengl
and of course the most used, the website being abandoned

Now to me none of that makes sense, as you write a game, package it, etc. Even if went down there are so many repos with the latest pygame, and even older versions, but that wouldnt matter as you packaged it anyways.

I dont know if this is a result of people wanting better graphics that cannot be pumped out of pygame, or whatever. A note regarding that though: Now-a-days people are so crazed about better graphics that they forget that a game is suppose to be fun, not just staring at it like, "oooh that looks really good".

I dont know much regarding this so i dont know if its my inexperience, or someone getting a rise out of pushing people away from pygame, or some kid from college that his professor told him so - so therefore "it must be true", kind of thing. Any thoughts on the subject are welcome.
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Re: the future of pygame

Postby Mekire » Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:33 pm

Well my opinion:

SDL isn't dead or going anywhere. Pygame as an API that people use isn't going anywhere (the site is in zombie mode however). That said if you want to be a professional game designer working in the industry, then no, no one is going to be using SDL. But for that matter... no one is going to be using python. If however you want to be a hobbyist or even independently design apps for profit, you can still do great stuff with it. There is huge potential in python/pygame for making extremely fun games. No, they won't ever be the cutting edge industry monsters that everyone dreams to someday create, but who cares. Those monsters have teams of hundreds of people that each have very specific jobs. My language choice isn't even close to the top of the list of things that holds me back from creating those.

If you do want to do some 3d it can still be done with pygame mixed with pyOpenGL. You might be better served by using pyglet but it will essentially boil down to the same thing. The basic logic of creating a 2d game isn't going to change. The basic things involved with 3d graphics aren't going to change.

The sad truth is that from a Utilitarian point of view we would probably all be better off honing our c++ skills in conjunction with nothing but directX and OpenGL. If it is your goal to actually design games in the mainstream industry then this is what it will take. If however you just want to design some fun, quirky (and sometimes nostalgic) games in Python, there is more than enough potential.

I'm personally waiting for the day when people think of Python with regards to C++, as people now think of C++ with regards to assembly.
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Re: the future of pygame

Postby DrakeMagi » Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:40 pm

My opinion
I see why people call it dead tech. Seeing that games system is all about 3d and what the new graphic card can handle.

sdl is being update currently.
pygame has not been update since aug of 2009 (the longest gap between updates yet!)

other new libraries have been made.
PySFML (which SFML is being called modern day sdl)

OUYA console could bring new life to 2d code.

I'm personally waiting for the day when people think of Python with regards to C++, as people now think of C++ with regards to assembly.

Never going to see this happen.
1. speed (python is still slow)
2. c/++ low level code option
3. assembly code compare c/++ (big difference) c/++ code compare python (small difference)
4. static code can be optimize
until python can do more then nice syntax.

As long as python and pygame serve your needs. I see no reason why not to use it.
it when you need it to do more then its time to change.
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