Stupid n00b Loop question

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Stupid n00b Loop question

Postby Buzzrightear » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:41 am

Hi, I am well aware that this is a 'wrong' question on many levels but please do bear with me. I'm working on a locked-down school system so am having to use an online Python IDE, which I think due to the locked-down nature of the school system can import the time module, but can't execute the time.sleep() method. As a result, I can't put a delay into a little zombie text game that I wanted to get some students to do (code below). I thought that a cack-handed solution might be to create a sleep function from a while loop executing a large number of times, in order to make it seem like there was a pause in the game. However, although the code executes successfully, the pause doesn't actually happen at the right moment. I would expect a pause whenever the sleep2() function is invoked, but instead, the print output lines that are after the sleep2() function in the code tend to be executed before the pause. I know this is all so, so wrong, but I'd appreciate an explanation of why the pause doesn't occur when I expect it to. Don't worry, I will not be teaching this to students!

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def sleep2():
   while i < 1000000:
      i += 1
print "welcome to Zombieland"
print "Keep away from the Zombies"
character=raw_input("Type a name for character here >")
print "Turn away now %s, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!" %(character)
print ".............."
print "Jack Swan: There are at least 15 zombies heading our way!"
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Re: Stupid n00b Loop question

Postby Mekire » Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:17 am

Questionability of this aside, the delays occurred exactly where I expected them to (save for the fact I needed to add an additional zero to make the delay longer). I suspect this has more to do with you using an online python interpreter. Perhaps try Portable Python (running off USB) instead.

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