"IndexError: list index out of range"

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"IndexError: list index out of range"

Postby AnimusRex » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:18 pm

I just can't see for the life of me where the hell it is in my programming.

I get three errors;

Code: Select all
"line 88, in create_v_tunnel
    map[x][y].blocked = False"
"line 138, in make_map
    create_v_tunnel(prev_y, new_y, new_x)"
"line 223, in <module>

Anyway; here's the rest of my code, I've just been using a roguelike programming tutorial.

Code: Select all
import libtcodpy as lib

screen_width = 130
screen_height = 90

map_width = 120
map_height = 85

room_max_size = 10
room_min_size = 6
max_rooms = 30

limit_fps = 20

color_dark_wall = lib.darkest_sepia
color_dark_ground = lib.sepia

class Tile:
   #a tile of the map and its properties
    def __init__(self, blocked, block_sight = None):
        self.blocked = blocked
      #by default, if a tile is blocked, it also blocks sight
        if block_sight is None: block_sight = blocked
        self.block_sight = block_sight

class Rect:
   #a rectangle on the map. used to characterize a room.
    def __init__(self, x, y, w, h):
        self.x1 = x
        self.y1 = y
        self.x2 = x + w
        self.y2 = y + h
    def center(self):
        center_x = (self.x1 + self.x2) / 2
        center_y = (self.x1 + self.x2) / 2
        return (center_x, center_y)
    def intersect(self, other):
   #Returns true if this rectangle intersects another
        return (self.x1 <= other.x2 and self.x2 >= other.x1 and
                self.y1 <= other.y2 and self.y2 >= other.y1)

class Object:
   #this is a generic object: the player, a monster, an item, the stairs...
   #it's always represented by a character on screen.
    def __init__(self, x, y, char, color):
        self.x = x
        self.y = y
        self.char = char
        self.color = color
    def move(self, dx, dy):
      #move by the given amount
        if not map[self.x + dx][self.y + dy].blocked:
            self.x += dx
            self.y += dy
    def draw(self):
      #set the color and then draw the character that represents this object at its position
        lib.console_set_default_foreground(con, self.color)
        lib.console_put_char(con, self.x, self.y, self.char, lib.BKGND_NONE)
    def clear(self):
      #erase the character that represents this object
        lib.console_put_char(con, self.x, self.y, ' ', lib.BKGND_NONE)

def create_room(room):
    global map
   #go through the tiles in the rectangle and make them passable
    for x in range(room.x1 + 1, room.x2):
        for y in range(room.y1 + 1, room.y2):
            map[x][y].blocked = False
            map[x][y].block_sight = False

def create_h_tunnel(x1, x2, y):
    global map
    #horizontal tunnel. min() and max() are used in case x1>x2
    for x in range(min(x1, x2), max(x1, x2) + 1):
        map[x][y].blocked = False
        map[x][y].block_sight = False
def create_v_tunnel(y1, y2, x):
    global map
    #vertical tunnel
    for y in range(min(y1, y2), max(y1, y2) + 1):
        map[x][y].blocked = False
        map[x][y].block_sight = False

def make_map():
    global map, player
    map = [[ Tile(True)
   for y in range(map_height) ]
      for x in range(map_width) ]

    rooms = []
    num_rooms = 0
    for r in range(max_rooms):
    #Random width and height
        w = lib.random_get_int(0, room_min_size, room_max_size)
        h = lib.random_get_int(0, room_min_size, room_max_size)
    #Random position without going outside the map
        x = lib.random_get_int(0, 0, map_width - w - 1)
        y = lib.random_get_int(0, 0, map_height - h - 1)

        new_room = Rect(x, y, w, h)
    #Check intersections
        failed = False
        for other_room in rooms:
            if new_room.intersect(other_room):
                failed = True
        if not failed:
            (new_x, new_y) = new_room.center()
            if num_rooms == 0:
                player.x = new_x
                player.y = new_y
                                #all rooms after the first:
                                #connect it to the previous room with a tunnel
                                #Center coordinate of previous room
                (prev_x, prev_y) = rooms[num_rooms-1].center()
                if lib.random_get_int(0, 0, 1) == 1:
                        #First horizontally then vertically
                    create_h_tunnel(prev_x, new_x, prev_y)
                    create_v_tunnel(prev_y, new_y, new_x)
                        #The opposite
                    create_v_tunnel(prev_y, new_y, prev_x)
                    create_h_tunnel(prev_x, new_x, new_y)
            num_rooms += 1

def render_all():

   #draw all objects in the list
    global color_dark_wall, color_light_wall
    global color_dark_ground, color_light_ground

    for y in range(map_height):
        for x in range(map_width):
            wall = map[x][y].block_sight
            if wall:
                lib.console_set_char_background(con, x, y, color_dark_wall, lib.BKGND_SET )
                lib.console_set_char_background(con, x, y, color_dark_ground, lib.BKGND_SET )
    for object in objects:
    lib.console_blit(con, 0, 0, screen_width, screen_height, 0, 0, 0)

def handle_keys():
   #key = libtcod.console_check_for_keypress()  #real-time
   key = lib.console_wait_for_keypress(True)  #turn-based

   if key.vk == lib.KEY_ENTER and key.lalt:
      #Alt+Enter: toggle fullscreen
      lib.console_set_fullscreen(not lib.console_is_fullscreen())

   elif key.vk == lib.KEY_ESCAPE:
      return True  #exit game

   #movement keys
   if lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP8):
      player.move(0, -1)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP9):
      player.move(1, -1)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP6):
      player.move(1, 0)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP3):
      player.move(1, 1)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP2):
      player.move(0, 1)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP1):
      player.move(-1, 1)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP4):
      player.move(-1, 0)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP7):
      player.move(-1, -1)

   elif lib.console_is_key_pressed(lib.KEY_KP5):
      player.move(0, 0)


lib.console_set_custom_font('terminal12x12_gs_ro.png', lib.FONT_TYPE_GREYSCALE | lib.FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INROW)
lib.console_init_root(screen_width, screen_height, 'python/libtcod tutorial', False)

con = lib.console_new(screen_width, screen_height)

player = Object(screen_width/2, screen_height/2, 'M', lib.silver)

audiolog1 = Object(55, 23, 'L', lib.white)

objects = (player, audiolog1)


while not lib.console_is_window_closed():


#Erase all objects at their old location
    for object in objects:

    exit = handle_keys()
    if exit:
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Re: "IndexError: list index out of range"

Postby micseydel » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:36 am

It would help us to help you if you posted the full traceback, as well as a 10 line or shorter snippet of runnable code that reproduces the problem.
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Re: "IndexError: list index out of range"

Postby Mekire » Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:37 am

What is the actual exception? Is it an IndexError? If so, add a print line in the create_v_tunnel function to find out exactly what the values of x and y are when the program crashes. I unfortunately don't have access to an interpreter right now so I can't really test anything.

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Re: "IndexError: list index out of range" [SOLVED]

Postby AnimusRex » Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:50 am

I've got it figured out; thanks Mekire, that's basically what I did.
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Re: "IndexError: list index out of range"

Postby vijaykumbhani » Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:43 am

you use list in your program
but interpreter can not find particular your's choice index
then your enter index in not in list...
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